• “Way to Spread Our Rich Heritage” ~ Bhuvana V, Bangalore
  • “Very Impressed and Happy to have a wonderful Tradition. Interested in Certificate of Authenticity” ~ Varsha Deepak, Mumbai
  • “I am a big fan of Indian Handicrafts. Amazing Madhubani Collections” ~ Poonam Anand, Lucknow
  • “It is heartening to see the efforts at spreading our unique Maithil heritage” ~ Kunal Ambasta, Bangalore
  • ” Lovely Collection. Appreciate the efforts taken to explain the art. Never knew there was so much” ~ Pratibha Iyer, Chennai
  • “Very Good Initiative to promote our Cultural Heritage and Support the Art Form and the Artists” ~ Vineet P, IIM Bangalore
  • ” Beautiful Collections. Specially Saris and Dupattas! Wall Paintings are Exquisite. Wish I had visited earlier!” ~ Anuradha Balaji, Mangalore
  • ” This is an amazing initiative! Hope we all can be a part of this too. Please keep up!” ~ Harini Sriram, Trivandrum 
  • ” Impressive Collection of Ethnic Art & Craft. Happy to have visited the gallery and met the enthusiastic promoters of the ancient art form. ” Indrajit S Saluja, Chief Editor, The Indian Panorama NY USA
  • ” Keep the work going. Optimism is a faith that leads to achievement, nothing can be done without hope and confidence!” Purnima Voria,  Founder and CEO of the National US India Chamber of Commerce (NUICC), USA
  • ” Absolute Pleasure! Great Art! Please label items “Original Free Hand Painted” Cheers! ” Suman Kapoor, Hamilton, New Zealand
  • ” Thank you for taking time to explain the art. Wish you continued success!” ~ Sumati G., USA
  • “Breathtaking!!” ~ Debjani, Bangalore
  • ” Terrific Collection! Great talking about the art. ” ~ Dr. Anant Bharadwaj, Novus International USA