Light For Art LIFA 2013


MITHILAsmita lighted up nearly 40 rural homes with Solar Lamps in the first year of its LIFA initiative with its own funds. 

Light for Art (LIFA) is a beautiful initiative by MITHILAsmita to light up the homes of the rural women artists with Eco-friendly Solar Lamps in the extremely deprived regions of Bihar, perpetually living in dark. The initiative aims to empower them, make their nights safer and productive and ensure uninterrupted studies for their kids.

This initiative will act as a driving force for the rural women to take up the traditional Indian art form as a profession and become self-reliant. Through the LIFA program we also aim at helping the rural women get rid of hazardous pollution due to the use of kerosene lamps. 

Each solar lamp from an award winning company has an average life of nearly 10 years, with the need of battery replacement every 2 years.