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Gauri Mishra, also known as Gauri Maa or Maaji (the reverend Mother), had a profound involvement in the cause of uplifting women from their age-old shackles of economic dependability, emotional exploitation, and superstitious hurdles. She led the organization Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) with an innate commitment to empower women internationally through art and craft, particularly Mithila (Madhubani) Paintings.

Gauri Mishra held an M.A. from Mithila University and was a Vidya Ratna (Directorate equivalent). She acquired a W.I.M from Washington D.C. and a D.A.E. from Leicester, London. Additionally, she pursued Political Science, English poetry, and a Diploma in Journalism from Midland, London. Gauri Mishra served as a research aid to anthropologists Dr. Raymond Owens and Dr. Erica (Moser) Smith. She also worked as an assistant director for “Six Great Artisans of Mithila” and acted as a consultant for a UNICEF project focused on Shanti Devi, an artist from the downtrodden class. Gauri Mishra was a pioneer of the Women’s Movement in Mithila and promoted the Mastercraftmen’s Association of Mithila in Jitwarpur, Madhubani.

With her unique entrepreneurial talent, Gauri Mishra organized the first-ever World Market for Mithila Paintings, including notable showcases such as the Denver Museum Show and Berkeley Museum Exhibition. She was invited to the Heidelberg Varsity-sponsored Market Meet in Germany. Recognized for her exceptional social service, she was honored with the “Governor’s Award for Super Social Service.” Gauri Mishra was regarded as a grand old figure of Mithila and earned the title of “Mother Teresa of Mithila.”


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