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Late Mr. Samarendra Mishra

Late Mr. Samarendra Mishra(1951 – 2011) 

An Alumnus, Xavier’s Institute of Social Sciences, Ranchi (Personnel Management Program), Mr. Mishra worked with various global organizations viz. Oxfam America, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Ranbaxy etc. In early ’80s, he joined SEWA (Self-Employed) Women’s Association Mithila as a Project Co-ordinator under his mother Dr (Mrs.) Gauri Mishra to work for the betterment of his own community.

While working on different projects with organizations like Friedrich Ebert Foundation and Oxfam America, he got an in-depth understanding of social welfare and community service.  He discovered as early as at the age of 35, his purpose of life.  He chose to work for the betterment of his community. With this thought in mind he joined SEWA MITHILA, utilized the learning and skills acquired in NGOs like Oxfam and Friedrich Ebert Foundation; unfolded in front of the world, the miseries in Northern part of Bihar and also the varied skills available there.  He worked around the projects in the most meticulous manner and attracted financial support from different parts of the world to empower the downtrodden in his community, his people.

‘His vision of ‘Nobility for all’ continues to guide the MITHILAsmita Team in its endeavour, undeterred by all obstacles.’ 


Ihitashri Shandilya        

Ihitashri Shandilya

Founder CEO , MITHILAsmita 
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B.Tech(Hons.) 2004, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra INDIA.   Has a rich global experience of 8 years in the supply chain industry with multiple Fortune firms in various roles. In 2010, she developed an interest to organize the traditional art sector, beginning with the Madhubani Paintings of her region. Since childhood, she participated in various social events at SEWA Mithila , the first NGO in Madhubani founded by her grand mother, Mrs. Gauri Mishra to promote Madhubani Paintings at a global level & socio economically empower the rural women of Madhubani in the process.

To build strong foundations of MITHILAsmita, Ihitashri attended and documented several knowledge sessions on Madhubani Paintings with her grandmother, Mrs. Gauri Mishra. All the research on the heritage art and the traditional art sector in general, along with her own technical background was put together to launch the sustainable ‘Social Enterprise’, MITHILAsmita in 2010, to preserve the heritage tradition in its original form, while supporting the traditional women artists of the region.

In 2014, Ihitashri became an Acumen India Fellow. Among many other recognition for her work, Ihitashri was featured as a ‘leading Woman Entrepreneur’ at the 34th India International Trade Fair, New Delhi. She was also awarded ‘Impact Entrepreneur Award’ by the hobl. Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri. Nitish Kumar in early 2015.

She leads the Strategy, Sales, Promotion and Marketing at MITHILAsmita.


Sarita Mishra

Sarita Mishra

President, MITHILAsmita Trust
M.A. (Sociology), Lalit Narayan Mithila University. Worked for alomst a decade at SEWA (Self-Employed) Women’s Association, Mithila (Madhubani) under Mrs. Gauri Mishra leading various women’s group projects. Has an extensive experience of working in co-operatives with women.


She heads the MITHILAsmita Trust and its various charitable activities.


Aditi Mishra

Aditi Mishra

Head (Communications ) & Director, MITHILAsmita 
An Economics Honors Graduate from Hindu College (Delhi University), Aditi has played diversified roles in the corporate world . She has a rich experience of 10 years in various domains like finance, customer services and NGO.

Aditi participated in various social events at SEWA Mithila , the first NGO in Madhubani to promote Mithila Paintings at global level founded by her grand mother, Mrs. Gauri Mishra.

Aditi voluntarily leads the ‘Communications Team’ at MITHILAsmita.